Unga (födda efter 1985) i USA startar gärna eget. Det är det bästa sättet att leva som man vill, anser man. Hur ser det ut i Sverige?

Young Entrepreneurs Strike Out on Their Own

The Herman Trend Alert, which has been warning for months of a pending labor shortage, says that young Millennials (those born after 1985) are increasingly more likely to start their own businesses than seek more traditional employment. The result: those individuals who are most desirable as employees (ambitious, curious, creative, hard-working) are less available to hiring managers.

One Thought on “Unga föredrar entreprenörskap

  1. kalle on 2005-8-30 at 10:03:04 said:

    I Sverige? Lever på socialbidrag och går med i planka.nu förstås.

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