Som jag nämnde i kommentarerna till posten om Piratpartiet skulle patentprocessen må bra av att ställa högre krav på kvalitetsgranskning från de som lämnar in patentet.

Mistakes found in 98% of US patents

Most law firms consider proofreading as a necessary step to reduce their malpractice exposure. Sophisticated corporations view proofreading as the final step in controlling the quality of their patents and ensuring enforceability. However, proofreading is time-consuming and can be expensive. It involves checking the issued patent, which can be hundreds of pages long, against the filed application and all amendments.

En sådan förändring skulle kunna införa friktion i processen som förhindrar större företag från att patentbomba marknader. Detta förutsatt, såklart, att man inte helt enkelt lägger ut hela patentgranskningen på off-shore bolag:

In addition to being time consuming and usually costly, it is often a lacklustre task that many law firms and legal departments would rather not have to take on. For this reason, Intellevate says proofreading is the perfect activity to perform off-shore.

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