The Economist skriver om vad som inte kan beskrivas som något annat än den kinesiska versionen av avsomnade Letsbuyit.

Shop affronts

500 shoppers gather outside a Gome electrical superstore in the downtown district. They arrive en masse at the designated time—June 16th at 4pm—that they had previously agreed online. Several hours later, they emerge clutching boxes, having secured 10-30% discounts on cameras, DVD players and flat-screen televisions.

Det finns speciella sajter utformade för att organisera massor av människor i en shopping-attack.

Kul och fascinerande hur internet skapar smart mobs men också extra intressant eftersom det sker i Kina. Artikeln avslutas med:

[…] if China’s economy ever slumps, urban consumers could use their organisational skills to confront the government directly. Beijing might be watching the spread of team buying with trepidation.

Revolution genom shopping.

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