Siffror från boken How She Does It: How Women Entrepreneurs Are Changing the Rules of Business Success, hittat hos Tom Peters:

U.S. firms owned or controlled by Women: 10.6 million (48% of all firms)

Growth rate of Women-owned firms vs all firms: 3X

Rate of jobs created by Women-owned firms vs all firms: 2X

Ratio of total payroll of Women-owned firms vs total for all Fortune 500 firms: >1.0

Ratio of likelihood of Women-owned firms staying in business vs all firms: >1.0

Growth rate of Women-owned companies with revenues of >$1,000,000 and >100 employees vs all firms: 2X

Jag undrar hur motsvarande siffror ser ut i Sverige? Jag undrar också hur mycket som beror på det faktum att de nya jobben finns i hälsosektorn?

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